Demo Request Terms and Conditions

The customer may request a demo of the system, which is suggested before the ordering stage, after being informed about the Mobiliz Vehicle Tracking System, after the most suitable solution has been offered to him/her and after being agreed on price and payment conditions. Mobiliz evaluates the request according to its suitability and in case it accepts the request, it allows the customer to test the system to be installed on the customer service in Mobiliz's authorized service, not exceeding 2 weeks except for special cases, by discussing the time and conditions with the customer. If the customer sees that the promised features are not available in the system at the end of the period, he/she may request the dismantling of the system from the vehicle with no charge by bringing the vehicle to the Authorized Service. However, if the system provides the promised features and the customer withdraws the order for no reason or for special reasons, the customer may request to dismantling of the system from the device by paying only the dismantling price of 40TL + VAT. In case the vehicle is not brought to the Authorized Service within 1 week at the latest after the completion date of the demo, the customer accepts in advance that he/she shall be deemed purchased the device (s) installed on the demo over the agreed price and that these shall be invoiced to him/her without any further warning.