Sectoral Solutions

GlobeFleet Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management System is a web-based software platform that provides remote capabilities to monitor your vehicles and valuable assets and helps to reduce your costs, increase your efficiency and service quality.

Beside its standard vehicle tracking features GlobeFleet allows businesses to benefit from specific solutions according to their sector needs. The system allows creating special geo fences for job assignments on the digital maps for real-time alerts of unauthorized driver activity - such as out of working hour’s usage, or visiting restricted locations and many more. Sector specific applications include the integration and monitoring of different sensors such as temperature and door sensors which enables monitoring the temperature limits of the cold chain and receiving alerts on violations. The Software platform supports more than 80 advanced reports which can help the company managers to analyze the efficiency and performance of their fleets and services.

Flexible and Various Reports

·  Engine start/stop time with location information.

·  Work Hours/ Out of work hours with location information.

·  Total distance.

·  Total engine run/stop time with location information.

·  Idle time.

·  Rule violations with location information.

·  Over speed with location information.

·  Working time

·  Sensor alarms (optional) with location information:
      - Temperature sensors 
      - Fuel level sensors 
      - Magnetic sensors 

·  Daily detailed movement report with location information.

·  Route animation on the map.

·  Graphical representations of vehicle speed.

·  The visit reports defined by user

·  Sensor measuring/time graph (optional)

·  Violation details