GTrack Vehicle Dual GNSS
GTrack Vehicle Dual GNSS

Part of GlobeFleet Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management System, GTrack Vehicle Dual GNSS has an advanced and affordable vehicle tracking unit which provides customers the extensive use of Globe Fleet Management System with optional accessories such as remote immobilization, iButton driver identification or temperature sensor through 1-Wire interface. Its built-in GPS and GLONASS GNSS receiver system offers exceptional location accuracy with optional external GNSS antenna.

Internal 3 axis accelerometer allows motion detection and sophisticated power management. GTrack Vehicle Dual GNSS provides information such as the speed, location, engine idling, work start/stop times, virtual zone entrance/exit times, harsh braking, excessive acceleration, accident notification and many other events of the vehicles within the fleet and produces present and historical reports.

• Latest technology 72 channel u-blox GNSS receiver utilizing GPS and GLONASS satellites ensures high accuracy about vehicles' location.

• Warnings sent for over speed violations allowing short time accelerations to avoid unnecessary violation events while overtaking other vehicles by the use of smart measurement method.