GTrack OBDII Plus
GTrack OBDII Plus;

Part of GlobeFleet Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management System, GTrack OBDII has a compact “plug and play” vehicle tracking unit which is connected to the vehicle’s OBD-II port and provides customers the extensive use of Globe Fleet Management System with the real time vehicle’s on-board computer data such as the vehicle's VIN Number, Fuel Consumption Rate, Fuel-Level, Engine Rpm, Diagnostic Trouble Codes, Engine Load, Malfunction Indicator Lamp status from the vehicle's on board computer.

Its built-in 3 axis accelerometer allows motion detection and extends backup battery life by sophisticated power management algorithms. Superior sensitivity of internal GPS receiver and fast time to first fix features enable quick and accurate location determination.

DT450 OBDII tracking unit is offered with a 250 mAh Li-Polymer backup battery.

In addition to the information provided by vehicle’s on-board computer, GTrack OBDII provides information such as the speed, location, engine idling, work start/stop times, virtual zone entrance/exit times, harsh braking, excessive acceleration and many other events of the vehicles within the fleet and produces present and historical reports.