Our Values

Our customers are our first priority
Our customers are our first priority.

· We meet customer requirements in a quick and right-first-time manner.
· We build long-running and confidence-based relations with our customers.
· Customer satisfaction is our fingerprint.

We dedicate ourselves to our profession with an ambition to win.

· We compete, offer solutions and win under ethical conditions.
· We embrace our business from start to finish, are aware of the effects of our doings and our business process and act accordingly.
· We focus on significant goals to lead us to success.

We believe in the continuity of development and we improve ourselves.

· We are honest to one another and depend on open communication.
· We believe that differences are our wealth, we encourage and give ear to different ideas.
· We make and apply plans to develop our competencies.

We are the pioneer in the technology that facilitates life.

· We closely follow technological developments and the market.
· We offer innovative solutions that will add value to our customers and ease their lives.
· We know and effectively express the surplus values of the products and services we offer.

We work with pleasure and succeed together.

· Our employees are our most precious wealth.
· We trust in each other and our business partners. We believe that everyone is the expert of their own field. We produce solutions consulting to the expert of the matter when necessary.
· We always keep in mind that we are a team, always stand by and support one another in all conditions.

We do the right thing, give confidence.

· We prioritize Mobiliz values, respect the environment, law and business ethics, and treat fairly in any case.
· We work basing on data, assess pluses and risks, make a point of healthy questioning.
· We believe that sustainable development should be maintained within social solidarity in a healthy environment paying regard to the requirements of future generations.